Your EDM Interviews Jules Buckley about Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra

November 1, 2017

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Los Angeles is in for a treat on November 9, when Pete Tong comes to the Hollywood Bowl with the Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley, for a special presentation of his Ibiza Classics series.

For most lovers of electronic music, the opportunity to see our favorite music played by a full orchestra is really a dream come true, and should be appreciated by everyone. Your favorite horn synths? Played by actual horns. Strings? Real violins and violas. Bass notes? Double bass and live percussion. There’s nothing quite like it.

Tong has also just announced the release of a new Ibiza Classics album, out December 1. Ibiza Classics is the follow-up to the 2016 UK Number One album, Pete Tong Classic House, a landmark record that saw the dance pioneer rework classic Ibiza dance tunes with an orchestra. A collaboration with arranger and conductor Jules Buckley, Classic House was the UK’s bestselling debut in 2016, with more than 270,000 copies sold to date. For Ibiza Classics, Tong combines the euphoric experience of touring Classic House alongside Buckley and the Heritage Orchestra with knowledge accrued over four decades immersed in dance music culture.

“Watching Jules and these fantastically classically-trained musicians and this arena full of people partying, I was thinking, ‘We need to do this again’,” says Tong. “The question was: how could we do it again, but differently?”

Pete Tong Ibiza Classics is now available for pre-order, with the track “Sing It Back” immediately available:

In celebration of the live show at the Hollywood Bowl next month, we sent Mr Buckley some questions about his time as a conductor and what it’s like conducting an orchestra in music that was never made to be played live.

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