NOISEY Premieres Beshken’s New ‘Force of Evil’ Video

October 5, 2017

in Music

We’ve had our eyes on electronic artist Ben Shirken—better known as Beshken—for a minute now, since he first lured us in with the waking dream vibes of last year’s “Faceless” video alongside the mercurial grooves of his Closed Doors EP.

Since then, the LA-born, NYC-based beatmaker has met with some chaos. While waiting for a train to Florence at Rome’s Termini station last summer, Shirken’s backpack was stolen, and his laptop, hard drive, lyrics journal, and wallet lost along with it—more than five years worth of music gone, when all was said and done. At the same time, he was navigating a long distance relationship, and the combined experience inspired Shirken to pen his recently released For Time Is the Longest Distance Between Two People EP, a lush, chameleonic collection of rhythm-forward electronic tunes assembled from field recordings gathered in Florence, Tel Aviv, Big Sur, and New York. “The project explores growth that crystallizes over time after a work is unwillingly surrendered,” Shirken said.

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