UPROXX Talks to Zaytoven on New Album and ‘Beastmode 2′ with Future

May 25, 2017

in Clients,Music

The mission was simple: Find Future’s bus. The madness of Coachella meant that cell phones often weren’t capable of fulfilling even their simplest functions, so Zaytoven as left to rely on the expertise of a crew of workers tasked with navigating performers and celebrity guests along the secret passageway of golf cart roads between stages. Zay’s right-hand man is doing the talking while trying to get enough signal to call Future’s team and figure out where they’re at. Zaytoven needs to be at the main stage soon, he’s set to play piano during Future’s evening performance, and doesn’t want the weeks of rehearsals and 12-hour days to go to waste. There’s one problem, the man who is supposed to be navigating the traffic doesn’t “even know what a Future is,” in his own words. Coachella remains, well, Coachella.

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