Tontario Talks with Dancing Astronaut about New “From Below” EP

December 5, 2017

in Clients

Finnish producer and avid photographer Tony Lagerstrom, also known as Tontario, paints landscapes of the sonic and visual variety. The talented artist’s rapidly accumulating nature photography on his Instagram shows a brooding side to his artistry, with his latest EP From Below following suit. In both his music and his photography, Tontario favors crisp, atmospheric artistry that mirrors the seclusion of the Finish forests of his Scandinavian home.

With releases out on Armada Music and most recently Ajunadeep, Tontario’s ethereal vein of music and equally as multi dimensional photography undoubtedly make him an artist to watch. At the root of both creative outlets, Tontario celebrates solitude and introspection in his work. Now, Tontario allows us a peek into his ethereal artistic journey with an exclusive playlist of his favorite inspirational tunes to boot.

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