Thought Catalog Goes Behind the Scenes With Ookay

November 2, 2017

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Music has a way of connecting people. No matter your walk of life, your age, your status, your career, your educational background, your habits, your weaknesses, your strengths—you can be united with strangers through music. And I love that. I love how two people can stand next to each other, and not even speak the same language, yet still be able to communicate. Still be able to smile and laugh and sing together. Still be able to dance and throw their hands in the air and know that the person next to them is feeling the same thing: pure bliss.

This past Friday I headed to Ookay’s set at Bassmnt in Downtown San Diego. A big fan of Ookay, especially his hits Thief and Lighthouse, (which I guarantee you’ve heard, and if not you need to check out, like, yesterday!) I was excited to sound check with him, pick his brain, and see him live.

And I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed.

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