The Rooster Spends a Day with GRiZ

October 10, 2017

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Growing up is growing out. Few are aware of this more than Grant Kwiecinski, better known to millions around the world as GRiZ. He and I are on a walk through Denver’s RiNo Art District strolling down Larimer Street during a busy lunchtime hour, watching as a dozen artists begin work on murals for a street art festival going down over the weekend. In the midst of the hot summer afternoon, he readily admits to a high he’s still on from playing two of the most important shows of his life, a back-to-back debut of his full band at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

If this scene were to play out in Denver 10 years ago — hell, even 5 years ago — the narrative would have been different. For one, we’d be walking around a downtrodden industrial complex, stepping over junkies and actually being able to find a place to park. There wouldn’t be young professional types bragging about start-up prospects and advanced yoga positions over plates of chilled nigiri and Maiale Al Mare — whatever that even means.

Yet as Denver’s grown, so too has its magnetic pull to international artists such as GRiZ, a music producer type with his hands in all kinds of electronic genres. Before, he split time between Boulder and his hometown of Detroit. Though with a newly purchased home dead in the thick of Colorado’s renovation period, he says he’s ready to connect back with a big city, somewhere he feels he can give to the community — if nothing more than buying a cup of coffee at one of his favorite local spots down the street or handing a cigarette to a beggar as we walk by.

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