Stereogum Talks Everest Performance + the State of Electronic Music with Paul Oakenfold

May 22, 2017

in Clients

“Arguably the progenitor of EDM music and culture, DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold has no qualms about the hyper-colored, mainstream juggernaut he has spawned. In his 53rd year, Oakenfold is more interested in playing Mt. Everest then bemoaning a culture that has been co-opted by the likes of the Chainsmokers, flower crowns, and the disastrous Fyre Festival. The death rattle of Fyre still reverberates; a glossy, shadowy looking glass that reflects all that is wrong, soulless, and vacuous in dance culture. To be fair, Fyre wasn’t strictly a would-be EDM Fest, but the tropical location, beautiful people, and reality escape was exactly what Oakenfold started 30 years ago, when he and a group of friends spent a legendary week in Ibiza that kickstarted Britain’s acid house culture.

Since that hot Ibiza summer in 1987, Oakenfold has never slowed down. In addition to being voted the #1 DJ in the world twice by DJ Magazine, the three-time Grammy-nominated Oakenfold has played the Great Wall Of China, opened for U2 and Madonna, and performed with a 75-piece orchestra at the Boston Pops. In what is perhaps his greatest adventure, this past April, Oakenfold — with more than 300 hikers — made the 37-mile hike through Nepal’s remote villages and the Himalayan Mountains for a live concert, spinning a set at the base camp of Mount Everest to launch the SoundTrek series.

The three-hour concert will be featured in an upcoming documentary, and we spoke to Oakenfold about the Everest experience, the EDM bubble, and the importance of always seeking new adventures…”

- Via Stereogum

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