SF Weekly Hypes Barclay Crenshaw’s Show at 1015 Folsom

February 21, 2017

in Clients

Barclay Crenshaw might not ring a bell, but surely the artist’s former nom de plume — Claude VonStroke — does. With his self-titled debut album, Crenshaw has reinvented himself, straying from his Detroit techno and deep house tendencies of yore and going in a more hip-hop, ambient direction.

The record starts off with the appropriately titled “Sleepy Kids,” a languid, soporific ditty à la Flying Lotus, before progressing into more upbeat, EDMand trip-hop-flavored tracks. As VonStroke, Crenshaw employed vocal samples sparingly — although phrases like “Barrump,” “In the butt,” and “Beat that bird with a bat” are now synonymous with his former alter ego — but with his new album, he switches things up. Singers Aviella and Lady Chann (the U.K.’s self-proclaimed “No. 1 dancehall queen”) lend an element of pop, and the record is drenched in quick-spat bars and rapid-fire flows, thanks to appearances by two hip-hop duos: the Underachievers and the Cool Kids.

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