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November 3, 2017

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China’s concert industry is on the verge of an era of “explosive growth”, according to one of its most successful homegrown music execs, with a booming middle class and ever-growing appetite for dance music laying the groundwork for the country to become a true live music colossus.

Speaking by phone from the company’s HQ in Shanghai, A2Live founder Eric Zho – whose vast EDM empire includes promotion, booking, artist management and record label divisions, as well as the property for which he is best known, the five-city Storm festival, which welcomed 250,000 attendees last year – tells IQ he is “trying to build a 360° music ecosystem” in a country home to 1.4 billion people – almost 19% of the world’s population.
Zho started Storm in 2013, and has since then been a key player in the development of the local electronic dance music (EDM) scene into what he describes as “hippest thing” among China’s young middle-class consumers. While Western pop superstars such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are always “definitely going to sell out” when they visit China, he says, a burgeoning nightclub culture has led to EDM being Chinese millennials’ music genre of choice.

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