OC Weekly features Team Supreme’s Splice Sample Pack

June 13, 2017

in Music

Stepping into the lobby of Icon Collective is like entering a magical school for the musically gifted. The smell of burnt coffee and ambition fills the air of the modern, two-story building, its walls splashed with artwork and signed posters of its celebrity DJ alumni. Young producers pile onto plush couches, burying their heads in their laptops and shutting out the world with noise-canceling headphones as they scroll through sound waves on glowing screens using music software such as FL Studio and Ableton.

This buzzing mind hive in the bowels of Burbank, an hour drive from OC, has greatness seeping from every honeycomb. The building once belonged to Quincy Jones, who is said to have recorded live instruments for Thriller in a studio on the first floor. After that, it became a foley studio for film and TV before its current incarnation as a music school for producers, artists and engineers.

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