NYLON Chats With Yahtzel Ahead of Your Paradise Fiji

November 27, 2017

in Clients

If spending four years devoted to art in high school and then four more years devoted to design in college taught me anything, it’s that nothing is ever finished. There’s always something that can be modified, built upon, or rethought. For Australian producer and DJ Yahtzel (real name: Max Armata), that idea could not ring more true. He’s constantly in search of perfection. What vibes today may not vibe tomorrow, so he opens himself up to that possibility and lets intuition guide him.

It’s an intuition that’s served him well. Songs like “High With Me” and his latest, “Someone Else,” are lush playgrounds of summer haze and smooth atmospherics that have earned him millions of streams. He’s not your typical build-drop producer, either. Yahtzel’s in it for the long run, and his vibed-out tracks are a testament to that, lending themselves perfectly to hours-long sets that have the ability to take you from day to night and then back again. We’ll be experiencing this firsthand come December when he takes the tables at Your Paradise, but in the meantime, let’s see what really makes one of EDM’s most promising rising talents tick, below.

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