Mixmag Recounts the Magic that Day Zero brought to Tulum

February 14, 2017

in Events

There are several elements that help to make up a great party: solid talent, an appreciative, excited audience, thoughtful decor and a venue and environment that’s able to properly showcase all of the above.

Somewhere deeply embedded in what still feels like the untouched jungle of Tulum arrives Day Zero, a one day festival established five years ago by Damian Lazarus that embodies his otherworldly spirit better than any other concert hall or amphitheater ever could.

Part of the magic behind Day Zero is its ambition. Everything about it seems extreme: set out in a Tulum jungle that’s near impossible to find on Google Maps, insanely long hours (doors open at 4PM Friday evening extending all the way through to noon the next day) and of course, an elite army of talent curated by Damian made up of Dixon, ├éme, Mathew Jonson, Serge Devant, Bedouin, DJ Tennis, Satori, Metrika, Lum, DJ Three and Dinky, a roster more than able to keep the tenacious crowd inspired and engaged from beginning ’til end.

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