Miami New Times Talk with Martinez Brothers on Their 24hr Miami Music Week Party

April 5, 2017

in Events

What’s the difference between the Martinez Brothers and most New Yorkers in Miami? The Martinez Brothers were invited. Ba-da-bum-tss!

Indeed, for Steve and his brother Chris, who will close out Miami Music Week at Club Space Sunday, New York is a huge source of inspiration.

When you think of New York hip-hop, Biggie flowing on a Brooklyn street corner might come to mind. A Martinez Brothers set has a similar feel. The bass rolls, vocals loop, drums pound on a third deck, and the Martinez Brothers flow. The transitions are subtle, and they make simple sounds become huge. Eclectic taste in music helps the brothers pepper shows with house, disco, hip-hop, and soul. Their skill wasn’t created overnight; they have been playing Manhattan’s megaclubs for more than a decade.

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