LA Weekly Speaks With Barclay Crenshaw on New Alias

February 21, 2017

in Clients

Under his house music alias Claude VonStroke, Barclay Crenshaw packs massive clubs like downtown L.A.’s Exchange with throngs of party people looking for hours of four-on-the-floor good times. He leads cohorts on his Dirtybird label through festivals and incredibly popular barbecues and is himself a beloved DJ on the festival circuit.Under his real name, though, Crenshaw is starting over as a hip-hop producer. His self-titled debut album, released on Jan. 27 through Stx&Brx, is a concept piece merging sci-fi-sounding beats with alien imagery. The accompanying tour features Crenshaw performing shorter DJ sets in smaller venues. On Feb. 25, he’ll play the Roxy.

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