LA Weekly Reviews 2017′s Lightning in a Bottle Festival

June 13, 2017

in Events

As the morning sun slowly turns my tent into a sauna, I grudgingly open my eyes and survey the damage. Two days ago, when I arrived at Lightning in a Bottle, I carefully arranged this space to be my oasis from the festival madness. Now it looks like an angry badger tore through it. Dirty clothes, used Kleenex and half-empty water bottles are strewn everywhere. The air mattress has suffered the fate of all air mattresses and half-deflated into a lumpy repository for tangled sheets and sweat-stained pillows. Despite my best efforts, everything is covered in dust, dirt and tufts of dead grass. My oasis has become a hovel.

It’s too hot to stay in the tent so I begin gathering myself to venture outside. Pants are more or less optional at LIB but I’m nothing if not modest so I shimmy into some shorts and find a belt hidden under a pile of dirty socks. Flip-flops? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hat, bandana, water bottle. Am I forgetting anything? Of course I am. After several false starts in which I comically circle back to my tent for a towel, some toothpaste and my wallet (showers are $9, and worth every penny), I am finally ready to leave camp and start my day.

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