LA Weekly Interviews Ooah on New Alias, Of Porcelain

March 14, 2017

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It was 14 years ago when Josh Mayer, who goes by Ooah, found himself in the right place at the right time — on the dusty playa of Black Rock City during the annual Burning Man festival. Fire spewed from a geodesic dome under which Bassnectar was playing for a wild crowd. When his following act was a no-show, Mayer happened to be standing next to the stage coordinator, who asked him if he could fill in.

After lugging his crate of vinyl across the desert, Mayer made his DJ debut. “I was unconsciously preparing this whole time for that moment,” he says.

Many attendees claim that Burning Man changed their lives, but for Mayer, it actually did. After that fortuitous sunrise set, the trajectory of his life was completely redirected. The audience was populated with deities of the underground electronic music scene such as Tipper, FreQ Nasty and the aforementioned Bassnectar, as well as throngs of smiling party-goers who danced with him well past dawn. As Mayer went from scratching records in his New Orleans bedroom to playing the legendary El Circo sound camp at Burning Man, his success was imminent.

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