LA Times Interview DoLaB Founders Dede and Jesse Flemming

April 18, 2017

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People come to Coachella for the escapism. But what if you need an escape from Coachella?

Dede and Jesse Flemming, the co-founders of Coachella’s Do LaB Stage, have been providing a refuge within Coachella since its inception. The Burner-inspired mini-stage has grown up, from a welcome spritz of water and techno in the middle of the Coachella field to its own little universe in the upper terrace.

This weekend, it’s been a popular refuge for the Coachellans who want to stay in one place and avoid the maw at the main stages.

“When we were in the middle of the field, we were kind of a nuisance. At any given moment ten thousand people would roll through,” said Jesse Flemming. “Now people have to want to come here. Since we moved up to terrace, we have freedom to do whatever we want.”

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