HipHop DX Talks with Barclay Crenshaw on Luck with New Moniker

March 17, 2017

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Los Angeles transplant Barclay Crenshaw only recently adopted that moniker (his actual government name). For years, the 45-year-old producer/DJ has been known as Claude VonStroke, a curious entity with a tendency for making popular house music who just happens to have his own San Francisco-based label, Dirtybird Records. Growing up in Detroit, however, he fell in love with Hip Hop and has wanted to honor that passion for decades. That time finally arrived in 2015 when he introduced Barclay Crenshaw at Dirtybird’s annual camping festival and proved his penchant for electro-influenced Hip Hop.

“I was always into Hip Hop, I just didn’t make it after 18,” Crenshaw says in an interview with HipHopDX. “Then I got really heavily into house and jungle, and it just took me a long time to get back to it, but I always wanted to do it again. I never stopped wanting to do it.”

A couple of years ago, Crenshaw took the leap and began to focus on Hip Hop-style production.

“I just decided to do a session at Red Bull and record a bunch of live instrumentation in case I was going to do it,” he laughs. “I don’t really sample, but for Hip Hop, I have to still sample, but with live music. I made all the source files and sat on them for awhile, and decided to finally do it.”

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