Guy Gerber Speaks with on Trading Soccer for DJ Stardom

March 29, 2017

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Guy Gerber is an interesting guy.

He was talented enough at soccer to make the Israeli National team, and was ticketed for professional stardom, but the mesmerizing siren’s call of dance beats proved too much to resist.

Leaving the game was a difficult, but ultimately good call – Gerber has carved out a niche in the underground techno and progressive house worlds, has teamed up with hip-hop mogul P. Diddy on an album, and is famous for his wild Rumors parties in Ibiza.

Want a DJ who will take the time to draw you in slowly, so you can truly lose yourself and embark on a deep musical journey? Gerber is your man – he’s well-known for giving hypnotic, emotional live shows.

He talked to about his MMW gigs (Rumors at the Delano Hotel, Get Lost, SLS Hotel), why he’s not at the Ultra Music Festival this year, what it’s like to live in Ibiza, and whether he regrets giving up soccer.

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