Fact Mag Reviews Oregon Eclipse

September 5, 2017

in Events

Despite having zero camping experience or proper gear, last week I trekked to a 55,000-acre prairie in the Ochoco National Forest — a place so rural it lacks cell phone service — to revel in the awe of a total solar eclipse at Oregon Eclipse Festival. The event was a first-time collaboration between 14 of the biggest transformational festivals in the world including California’s Symbiosis and Lightning in a Bottle, Canada’s Bass Coast, and Australia’s Rainbow Serpent.

A week before the eclipse, the Unite the Right white nationalist rally and their counter-protesters erupted into violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia. The horrific sight of hate-spewing neo-Nazis marching bold-faced in the streets was still dominating the news cycle when I left for Oregon a week later. I had come to to the festival because I hoped it would be my generation’s Woodstock: a form of resistance, or at least a cathartic antidote, through community and music to the shroud of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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