Droog Talks Splash House Plans with OC Weekly

June 11, 2015

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An attorney, a tech guru, and a finance mogul walk into the room. Their respective backgrounds may not be the most conventional stepping stones to becoming the kings of Los Angeles deep-house, but success is no accident for the DJ collective of Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin, and Justin Sloe, also known as Droog. It’s a name that translates to ‘friend’ in Russian, Osyka’s native tongue, but more cleverly a name that nods to the ‘droogies’ of A Clockwork Orange. “They misbehave in a very sophisticated way” Osyka laughs. “We loved the book and film, in particular. When we started the project, we had a fourth person who was’t a DJ but was a close friend–Matt. He was very influential in conceptualizing our collective and he suggested the name,” Osyka continued. “We’re not making direct parallels with these characters but we thought the name was very tongue-and-cheek.” Read more.

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