DJ Tech Tools Compares Splice Sounds with Beta

February 14, 2018

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Native Instruments recently launched their new subscription-based sample library service,, into public beta. At an introductory price of $9.99USD/month, the service is targeted at producers who are looking for a steady stream of fresh samples to incorporate into their productions. DJs looking to add more live elements into their sets via performance tools like Traktor Remix Decks or the new Pioneer DJS-1000 will find the service beneficial as well. With more cloud-based sample library services like these starting to pop up, we’ve heard from many producers and DJs who are wondering which to use.

While competition should ensure that both platforms gain the most useful features over time, the answer today will mainly depend on your budget, need for a variety of sounds, workflow, and geographic location. It’s important to point out that the recently launched is still in beta, and as such we expect things to change and improve over time as they collect community feedback. Nevertheless, read on to see how the two services stack up today.

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