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April 11, 2013

in Music

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Dinky makes her evolution from inaugural DJ to singer songwriter and front stage performer with 'Dimension D' on Visionquest.

The project shows a tender side to the Chilean mistress and unravels a voice as delicate as paper caught dancing in the wind. Within each track she transforms into a new character to tell complex stories about relationships and encounters, capturing episodes of her life from New York to Berlin and back to her Chilean roots. Dinky structures the music with the looseness of jazz, the ethereal vocals of modern stars such as Beth Gibbons and Goldfrapp, while softly embedding the rhythm of the night.

Alejandra Del Pilar Iglesias Rivera was named Dinky by her sister at birth. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile, as a child she studied Ballet and the Suzuki method of piano before relocating to New York to become a contemporary dancer.

Her drive to make music brought her to Berlin a decade ago where she quickly became a dominant force in dance music, making her mark through releases on Carpark, Cocoon, Ostgut, and the critically acclaimed 'Anemik' album in 2009 on Mathew Jonson's Wagon Repair. Her fifth studio album, ‘Dimensions’ sees her evolve into singer­songwriter and performer and take on a new musical direction.

Long term friends with the Visionquest collective from their hedonistic days residing in Berlin, Dinky’s fresh approach fits within their ethereal and other­worldly style and follows the Footprintz album earlier this year.

Matthew Styles also coproduced and mixed the album and will perform the album live in a series of dates this summer.


“Dimension D” is a space where darkness and lightens meet and co­exist. In each song there is a different story, personality and voice but they are also all one person who is changing their skin as time passes by.

It took me almost 3 years to complete this album. I wanted to take my music to a new level, detach myself from the rules of dance music and submerge myself in fantasy. During the last few years I have been studying jazz, classical guitar & piano, as well as trained in singing to perfect my own style of performing and songwriting. I grew up with bands like Cocteau Twins, The Cramps, Massive Attack, Chris Isaak and Mazzy Star and those influences are a big part of my musical identity.

I also love surf music, especially the dreamy guitar tone that resembles the sea waves. I used a lot of guitar in the album, mainly in an unconventional way so it transforms into something else. I am inspired by nature and tried to achieve natural sounds; the sea, insects, forest and animals ,these are all music to my ears.”