Dancing Astronaut Features Compuphonic’s New EP ‘Mango Figaro’

October 6, 2017

in Music

Producer Maxime Firket, better known under his Compuphonic moniker, has released his first solo outing with Anjunadeep in the form of a four track EP, Mango Figaro. The Belgian producer made his debut with the tastemaking label earlier this year as a part of their Explorations EP series.

The EP opens with the chill stylings of the title track which features the characteristically subtle instrumentation Firket has become known for. As the tracks float by, the EP flows into an introspective place with the textures of “Rhody Time” before closing out on a familiar note with “Island Flutter” from Explorations 03. As a whole, the EP is tastefully eclectic and taps into the procedural elements of music production with a number of unusual synth and sampled sounds. The percussive shakers, for one, are actually bags of rice the producer recorded in motion.

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