Collider Wants You To Learn how To Compose for Film with Junkie XL’s “Studio Time” Series

April 13, 2017

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Composer and producer Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, has launched Season 2 of his online tutorial series, Studio Time with Junkie XL, which offers rare industry pro insights into how to compose for film. Holkenborg is the man behind the scores for a number of major Hollywood films the years, including Deadpool, Black Mass, Mad Max: Fury Road and the Batman cues in Batman v. Superman. He is also providing the score for the upcoming tentpoles Justice League and The Dark Tower.

Season 2 will span 20 episodes and 13 hours of instruction, with the first episode focusing on how to compose for strings, “the hallmark instrument group of countless epic movie scores and his most recent project, Brimstone.” New episodes will drop every Friday. Episodes in Studio Time: Season 2 will also explore Synthesizer specials on Korg, Roland and Yamaha; Hardware Samples; and introduction to Tom’s modular wall and Modular Synthesis, Sampling, Guitar Pedals and Effects, Composing for Strings, Plug-Ins and much morel.Watch the full episode below and check out Season 1 over at Holkenborg’s YouTube page.

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