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November 20, 2017

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In 2012, the Desert Hearts record label erupted onto the festival scene with a mostly illegal campout in the Mojave Desert. It was roughly 200 relative strangers, one stage, and an AWOL sound guy. But, it was the beginning of what has become a respected event in the alternative festival circuit.

The off-the-grid So-Cal party that hosts non-stop house and techno has expanded over the last year to include a multi-date, international series of events, intended to bring the message of “House, Techno, and Love” to even more people. Fundamentally, the festival aims to spread connection-through-music — in hopes of creating and sustaining a society that supports creativity, acceptance, and passion.

On November 12, the Desert Hearts Festival family gathered in downtown Los Angeles for the first ever City Hearts Festival, which had the difficult task of taking the immersive vibe of the original and moving it into an urban space. They brought with them all the staples of Desert Hearts Festival — the healing sanctuary, the Dreamscape Collective art gallery, and the vendor village. Plus, the acts included Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porkchop.

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