Billboard on Storm, China’s Leading EDM Festival

May 15, 2017

in Events

China’s leading EDM festival Storm is expanding to Taiwan and Australia Eric Zho, founder and CEO of the producer and promoter A2LiVE, announced on Friday. The tour will also hit 9 Chinese cities, including the mega-cities Beijing, Shanghai and Guagnzhou, up from 5 last year.

Storm has led the EDM festival development in China, and its 2016 Shanghai event saw around 30,000 people attend. The Shanghai edition is allied with the Asia-Pacific installment of International Music Summit, the well-known dance music conference platform started in Ibiza, and the two are held back to back. A2LIVE developed the Storm festival in 2013, and in 2016 the tour 5 Chinese cities drew about 250,000 festivalgoers in total.

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