Billboard Goes to Dirtybird Campout with Claude VonStroke

October 12, 2016

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Claude VonStroke — the towering, bushy bearded founder of Dirtybird Records — is being whisked about in a golf cart, zipping on one of many trips across the bucolic nook that is the Oak Canyon Park. Seated behind him, all I see is a giant raccoon hat, its tail whipping in the breeze, and the large mound of humanity that is VonStroke. At 6’4” he’s shaped more like a club bouncer than the dude behind the turntables; his calves are the size of swollen grapefruits.

But something strange is going on. Everywhere we drive, people are cheering and waving. Festivalgoers run up to the whizzing cart, cheeks streaked with face paint, eager to catch a high-five. A blonde kid in a tie-dyed tank top runs up to VonStroke: “Dude, can you please play a drum and bass set? Please!”

With a direct POV of the proceedings, it’s sort of like being strapped into VR goggles for ‘The Life of Claude VonStroke.’ Or maybe it’s Santa Claus. Because Claude — born Barclay Crenshaw — is not only the founder of Dirtybird Records, but he’s also its avatar. The unofficial, avuncular mascot of these weird proceedings.

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