Bighead Chats with Complex about his Splice Sample Pack, “Gucci Gang” and Sobriety

November 17, 2017

in Clients

Producer Bighead is having a moment now because of his work behind the boards on Lil Pump’s smash hit “Gucci Gang.” But the Lancaster, California-based producer has a whole lot more going on than one track.

Bighead is the producer of choice for many of the rappers starting to make the move from SoundCloud to the mainstream. Lil Pump, Lil Tracy, Famous Dex, and more all rely on Bighead, frequently in collaboration with his childhood friend Gnealz.

In addition to producing, Bighead has recently moved into DJing on the road with Tracy and Pump. He also worked closely with Lil Peep, who sadly died just one day after this interview was conducted.

Bighead’s latest venture is the Bighead Sample Pack, in partnership with Splice. Aspiring producers can get access to Bighead’s actual sounds that he’s used on his songs.

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