AOL Discusses Lane 8′s Recording Ban at His Shows

September 28, 2017

in Events

Last year, deep house producer and DJ Lane 8 (real name: Daniel Goldstein) started a movement that sent shockwaves across the musical landscape — he stopped letting fans record his shows on their phones. As attendees trickled into the San Francisco venue hosting his newly conceived concept last summer, staff members placed opaque bands around the camera lens of every phone in an attempt to pull everyone’s attention away from their screens and onto the stage and the like-minded people around them. The anti-camera theme was called “This Never Happened.”

It was a risky move in a time when most concert-goers are used to having their views blocked by a phone recording a grainy video that’ll likely be posted to Snapchat and never accessed again. But This Never Happened resonated with Lane 8’s audience. The idea that was initially supposed to last for one show was extended to every concert he’s headlined since, spanning from North America to Australia and India.

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